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You deserve to have a chance at living a happier, healthier life. Unfortunately, financial setbacks make tending to your basic necessities challenging. Traditional insurance is expensive and filled with hidden fees. In order to combat that, One Care developed an innovative healthcare membership program that gets you the help you need at an affordable price.

Do you need affordable healthcare services in Columbia Falls, MT or the entire valley area? Call us today to learn more about our healthcare membership program.

Member Benefits

Ask about our business options.

A recent study found that 22% of employees quit their job due to lack of insurance coverage. If you have a small business in Columbia Falls, Montana or the entire valley area, nurture your valuable employees by learning about our healthcare services.

Gain access to medical specialists.

Healthcare solutions at a fraction of the cost.

While One Care is not an insurance company, we can provide you with unlimited access to our wellness programs. Think of us as a mediator between you and our participating practitioners. When you join our healthcare membership program, you will have access to a variety of member benefits.