Why One Care?

Direct Primary Care For You

First and foremost, it is personal and affordable access to healthcare.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new approach to paying for basic health care services. Payment for basic care is made directly to the primary care clinics and not through an insurance company. Some major health plans have also seen the value of the DPC model and allow employers and individuals to adopt DPC plans in lieu of traditional plans.

However, it is important to note Direct Primary Care is not insurance. We are not able to bill your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

What is unique about One Care’s Direct Primary Care Model?

Where Direct Primary Care’s traditional approach to paying for basic health care services start, our DPC model takes it further. Most DPC clinics are only able to offer limited primary care services. We’ve partnered with other medical service providers to offer a more comprehensive healthcare package and are redefining the meaning of primary care. 

We’ve broadened our base of coverage to include affordable imaging (x-ray), physical therapy, pharmacy, wellness exams. This offers a much more complete package of healthcare that is more effective for your health and finances. 

One Care services do not satisfy the requirements for insurance under the ACA.

Note: your contract is between you and your healthcare providers directly